Thursday, 14 July 2011

How to make amala

Amala is a locally made food of the youruba tribe in south western Nigeria.It is a popular delicacy in the city of ibadan, Oyo state. It is made from cassava, yam or plantain flour. Amala is highly rich in carbohydrate.



yam flour

Cooking Instrucrions

1. Put hot water in a pot and put on fire.

2. When the water is boiling, pour some of the flour in it. Do not stir immediately.

3. Leave for like 5 seconds then stir with the wooden spatula

4. If the amala is soft, add a little more flour and continue stiring.

5. After stiring dor some time put the amala off the fire and continue stiring until it is smooth then pour some hot water and put back on fire so as to make it cook properly.

6. When the little water in the pot is boiling,take the pot off the fire and start to stir.

7. Stir well until it is very smooth then it is ready ro be served.
It is best eaten with Egusi (melon soup),Gbegiri (beans soup) and Efo (vegetable soup)


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